Providing Hope and Support to Dialysis Patients

You are Not Alone

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Helpful Information and Resources

In this section we want to provide information that is useful to the dialysis patient - whether hemodialysis, peritoneal, in-center or at home. We will regularly include and update information on diet, transplant statistics and information, wellness, and living better to name a few.


Are you interested in learning some new recipes or trying out your hand in cooking more renal-friendly meals? Check out these resources.

Let's Eat - Kidney Friendly Recipes Volume 1, 2nd Edition

Kidney Cooking - A Family Recipe Book for Kidney Patients, Third Edition


Here is a good acronym to use when you find yourself at difference with friends, co-workers, family or even healthcare providers.

Create a calm environment
Open yourself to understanding others
Nonjudgmental approach
Focus on the issue
Look for solutions
Implement agreement
Continue to communicate
Take another look

Deprression Toolkit published by the ESRD Networks

Downloadable for printing


If you are thinking about a transplant and need more information on how to go about making that decision, there is a video recently published to help you in that process. You can view the video by clicking the link below.

Is A Kidney Transplant Right for Me