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Patients Who Receive Chronic Kidney Disease Education More likely to Choose Home Dialysis

In a recent study, analysis revealed that 38.5% of patients who received chronic kidney disease (CKD) education chose home dialysis as compared to 12.6% of those who did not receive CKD education. OF those receiving the education who chose home dialysis, nearly 60% used a permanent vascular access when initiating dialysis as compared to nearly 34% of those who did not receive the education.

Why does this matter?

It has been proven that patients receiving dialysis at home are more likely to receive their treatments as prescribed without disruption. The benefit of this is fewer hospitalizations, less pain and discomfort, and an overall better quality of life when compared to those receiving in-patient dialysis. Additionally, patients who use a permanent vascular access on initiation of dialysis have fewer infections and adverse reactions than those who receive a temporary catheter access.

In the study, analysis showed that the patients receiving the CKD education experienced fewer hospitalizations and lower mortality during the first year than those who did not receive education. In this study, the Kidney Smart program by DaVita was used. There are other kidney education programs available online for patients to learn more about the options for dialysis so that they are well-informed, educated and involved in their own treatment from the beginning. Better outcomes result from better beginnings.

You can read the full article here.


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