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Improving At Home Dialysis

With the population aging, there is a need for more home environmental treatment options for patients with kidney disease.

During the 2022 American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Annual Meeting in Orlando, investigators from Outset Medical presented new data on the Tablo Hemodialysis System, a dialysis system that can be used either at home or in a healthcare setting.

Cynthia Silva, MD, Medical Officer, Outset Medical, explained “I think we are seeing this move to home and it is also very patient focused. Whether you live in an urban area or a very rural area, you have access to the same level of care.”

In the study, investigators compared real world data from the Tablo system to the results of the IDE trial. The results show treatment adherence was 95% with 92% of treatments completing at least 90% of the prescribed time.

Why is this Important - What does it Mean for You

One of the biggest challenges to quality of life on dialysis is inability to receive treatment on a regular basis. This can be related to transportation issues, sickness, or even unforeseen shutdowns through disasters of many kinds. By having more options for dialyzing at home, you increase the likelihood of receiving your treatment on a regular basis. This greatly improves your quality of life and has been proven that daily peritoneal dialysis at home is more effective than 3x a week hemodialysis at a center. This is largely because there is less time for fluid buildup to occur which can make hemodialysis painful.

You can access the full report by clicking here.

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